In search of solitude in Emborio, Santorini


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It's ironic how we look to travel for some 'Me' time away from the noise and crowd yet find ourselves in the very place that's frequented by many. A few hundred shares and an image imprinted on your mind, maybe a few discussions over drinks on where you'd like to go next, is all that is needed to create a buzz about a place. Everybody then needs to head there and take the iconic shots, cause like it or not, that's what generates the 'likes'!


Yet even in the tiniest of islands, there exist inhabitants that call that space 'home'. The beauty of the place isn't lost on them, they've gotten used to it, just like someone who wouldn't be fascinated with the mundane candy in the neighborhood store, yet a visitor might find precious!


They scurry back home after a hard day's work to get away from the crowds, the ones that bring stories from the land beyond the seas and also bring pollution, traffic and inflation with them.


Emborio is one such place. Nestled away between the lighthouse at Akrotiri and the swarm settled at Oia, this colorful and vibrant village isn't where one would land, as it isn't forgotten but doesn't have the prerequisites. I was however fortunate enough to come across this place and spent a few hours here exploring the nooks, the alleys, abandoned houses and smiling at children who peeked mischievously. It was miles away from what one would associate with the hub of tourism called Santorini.


Emborio comes from the word 'Emporio', the Greek word for trade and this village was at the center of all trade activities carried out here. The remains that exist here of a time gone by, now try to exhibit it's prosperous cultural past in a very sonorous present.

   emborio santoriniemborio santorini[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="52597,52594"][gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="52596,52595"]emborio santorini[gallery size="full" columns="2" ids="52602,52603"][gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="52605,52604"]emborio santorini This article is part of a new 'Photo Stories' series on the blog, for readers who have limited attention spans and adore visualization more! :) It showcases some of my favorite and best pictures. If you're looking for travel advice, hop over to the Resources section!  


emborio santorini




Emborio Santorini


  • We rented a scooter and found Emborio by searching for the location on Google Maps
  • Our hostess Nana from Cocoon Suites was also kind enough to share instructions
  • Do not expect things to do in Emborio. Only the locals live there, however we did come across a cafe that was shut
  • There are many winding alleys that you're free to explore however some sections are abandoned and it's not traceable on Google Maps hence do be careful if it starts getting dark
  • Allocate at least an hour if you plan to get here and explore Emborio



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Have you been to Santorini or would you like too? What sits at the top of your bucket list?



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