I’ve been traveling as far as I can remember, even before I started writing and long before Continent Hop was conceived.

While many adventures remain undocumented, the ones that I did record are here for your benefit!

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Europe, where you can have breakfast in one country, lunch in another and end up having dinner in the third; with each country having it’s own distinct culture, language and flavors! While London, Paris, Rome calls to many travelers visiting for the first-time, there’s surprises in store for ones that prioritize countries like Hungary and Slovenia.

Your money goes far, the tastes more diverse. That doesn’t imply you have to avoid regions like The Netherlands and Switzerland! Explore the windmills and watch sheep graze lazily at De Zaanse Schans rather than the city of Amsterdam or hike over to Seealpsee and give Zurich a break!

My favorites in Europe are Norway, Finland, Scotland and Greece, do consider them when planning a visit! Whatever you choose, Europe won’t fail to surprise you, be it the architecture, history, food or people!


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The Middle East brings exotic images to mind, like deserts, souks and gravity-defying architecture to mind in certain regions. In addition to this, there’s something to be said about the people here. They’re welcoming and will make sure you fall in love with the hospitality and the food here.

They’re a bunch of passionate folks. I won’t ever be able to forget the sea of emotions I felt as I stood in a square in Jerusalem, facing the Western Wall, with the The Church of the Holy Sepulchre to my left and the Dome of the Rock to my left and ending my day with a spread of salads. Salads like Tabbouleh and Fattoush topped with Za'atar. It got even better as I floated all my worries away in the Dead Sea!

While many may dismiss this region stating issues of security, it is to be noted that it isn’t the same everywhere you go! Just like with any other country it is best to avoid certain locations in each country. Stepping out of your comfort zone is sure to leave you spellbound in the Middle East!


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The Bedouins singing folk songs while they prepare a massive tagine for the evening meal in the middle of the pitch dark Sahara…is just one of the many unexpected occurrences that will stay with you even after you’ve left Africa. You can plan well in advance for Africa, but it’s incidences like these that will materialize ad hoc and will stay with you forever!

A golden desert begins at the end of a lush oasis, full of scorpions if you pay attention for long! Africa may be getting accessible every passing day, with it’s natives coming up with the latest in technology …..yet it still remains wild. It’s beauty lies in exploring this very essence!

People here are still rooted in culture and traditions yet try their very best to showcase the same without causing disruptions. You’ll feel right at home in Africa and the continent will ensure to pull at your heartstrings, to make you return for more!


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I grew up in Asia, so no matter where I travel in the world, Asia calls to me. Streets full of motorbikes, hawkers selling their wares and the smell of food on the streets is a picture synonymous to Asia. Eating some traditional Goan food by the beach-side while listening to the sound of the waves is one of my happiest memories.

However, Asia isn’t just India. I remember getting on a boat in the mangroves in The Philippines, at 11 PM while it was pitch dark around me. The boatman had an infrared device with which he pointed out the constellations and when he shone it in the mangrove trees, it would light up with fireflies!

Seeing the Milky Way at the end of a day that also included volcanoes and craters made the day unforgettable.

People flock to Asia because it is budget-friendly and the cuisine is the tastiest in the world. Even if it is a little unnerving at first, no matter which country you visit in Asia, the hustle and bustle will slowly and steadily grow on you. The friendly locals will ensure that they don’t let you leave without a lasting impressions and a taste of hospitality like no other location in the world!


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