Travelling to Europe on a budget


 A visit to the most popular continent on earth is a dream come true for anyone from a backpacking teenager to an avid adult. The only drawback is that the wait to amass a bank balance large enough to even think about the trip, shatters the vision for most in the end. The actual fact is that by following certain basic rules that can save money, Europe can be visited on a budget similar to any South Asian destination, providing the planning is in place. 


 Hotel rates in Europe can break any budget. If you have a choice, opt for hostels from HostelWorld, to book some very cool accommodation to be found anywhere in Europe. Not only you save money, but you get the opportunity to meet like minded people. Couch surfing is another way to stay without having to spend a pound, once your profile is accepted. If you want to stay longer, try House-sitting, where you may get to stay in palatial homes, while the owners are out travelling, and you  act as a caretaker.   

Getting around

 Use or a similar service to drive between places.You save a lot of money and get to travel with locals who point out important points of interest en route. Again, between cities, Eurail may be the rage, but one can travel on a budget by other ways too like Flexibus for example. It covers nearly 20 countries, is extremely comfortable and one can carry uptown three pieces of luggage on board. 

Use City Cards

 A City Card is offered by almost every European country for tourists as it covers all the important aspects. Whether it is visiting a museum or taking a metro, these cards save a lot of time and money. Care should be taken to research well prior to the trip so as to make full use of all the services offered on it.   

Travel in the lean season

 From hotels,hostels to restaurants, prices in Europe drop drastically in the off season. At some outlets, costs may be down by as much as 50% as compared to the June to September peak season. While winters can be harsh and are best avoided, the shoulder period between March and May, and again October to November, gives the best value for money. 

Plan a budget

 An important planning list stands between your way even before you can think about having that romantic gondola ride in Venice or attend a rooftop party in Prague. You may initially find the logistics tedious and tough but it is imperative to tackle the budget and other things before you set off. The budget should be established first and foremost, much before the travel date. Find out destinations which are cheaper and look for packages offered by the service provider. Check the exchange rate and carry cash accordingly in order to avoid losing out on service charges. In case of emergencies, do not hesitate to take a hassle free travel loan from a financial agency like Cashlady. They are speedy, require minimum documentation and can stop your travel plans from getting ruined. In real fairness, Europe is not an over priced place to visit. Irrespective of the budget you have, there will be some country waiting to welcome you to this beautiful continent. So look no further, book your tickets and rest assured, things will fall in place by themselves.   



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