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"You need to face your demons, you're looking at a way to escape. And that won't happen no matter where you go."

But well, it will.


Being the type of person who is malleable and carries her heart on her sleeve, I'd pretty much fit in any environment and after a while even locals would think of me as one of their own.

That's where things go wrong. Irrespective of whether you're in your own city or another.

With the acceptance comes expectations.

If you've lived in your city forever, people assume you've never changed and their expectations are thrust on you.


But the thing is everyone changes. Even if you never stepped out. Their views and opinions become part of you and you accept that those are facts and how it's always meant to be.

Nothing wrong with that if you're happy about it all.


Well I wasn't.


I had the most supportive parents and a LOT of friends. I was happy and yet I wasn't. Being in possession of a third-world passport meant I couldn't run away in an instinct. But then an opportunity arose and I now live abroad. I wish it had come sooner.


travel escape


Getting away from the naggers

I was putting too much pressure on myself, in a day wherein I had only 5 hours to myself.

Everybody had notions of what I would do next, how I should be there for them. No worries with it all but it was getting very monotonous and stressful.


Living in a city filled with people to the brim, I longed to be by myself and do things that I loved, give time to myself. And that just wasn't happening.


My neighbors knew what they wanted me to do next!


And even though there was no easy way out physically, I knew being away from all of it would have made me re-think many of my decisions and evaluate my opportunities.


Things were tough - trying to please everybody and hearing a rant if I strayed away.

Maybe I'd return eventually. But stepping out would have given me time to ponder if the path I'd chosen was right for me. And if I was happy to bear with it all.


travel escape


Un-friending the wolves

I have more than a 1000 friends on Facebook. I've met each of them at some point in life. But I'm sure some of them at just following along waiting to check when I trip next.

Normal human tendency. But bumping across them and trying to be polite (if not happy) was making me grind my teeth mentally.


Putting physical miles between some friends has been delightful. It's difficult to keep in touch because of the time differences and it's so easy (even mentally) to just press that 'Un-Follow' button!

Of course everybody's heard you've got to keep to keep your enemies closer, but that's just crap.


If someone you hate is doing well, most of the times that'll just make you feel shi**y rather than motivating you.


Easier to keep the distance and let the positive vibes in.


travel escape


Pushing yourself to become a better you

Yes, travel makes you see things in a new perspective. But if it's a vacation, well you'd probably take a few (good) things away and it will hopefully calm you down till the next vacation.


Will it make you a better person?


I believe not unless you stay put for a long while. If you've read the previous bits, keeping away from people who don't contribute positively or have negative influences over you gives you ample time. Time to re-invent yourself.

I was a professional Analyst, a good cook and traveled frequently. I thought I couldn't be better. That's where I was wrong. The time I obtained I invested in myself.


I now write and have started dabbling in photography. I'm also looking into social media management.


I'm unsure if any good will come of this.

But if nothing else, I look stunning in my pictures! I'm making happy memories.

 travel escape


Becoming a world citizen

The more I travel the more I realize how HUGE this world is and how kind the people are. Maybe not all, but then pests exist everywhere.

But the people are just 1 aspect, tiny skills that I have, actually get paid in some country!

I have become more tolerant, I do not waste my energy on things are not important and give due importance to queue's.


The culture that escaping has brought to me is delightful.


Not everyone is escaping themselves, some are just escaping the place they think is their world. Just because someone was born in a corner of the earth never meant they were meant to stick there.

The experiences you collect will warm the cockles of your heart if you decide to return or finally make someplace home.


In the whole process ensure you're not running away from yourself and sometimes let unexpected change wear you out. After you've faced it you might emerge a stronger person.


One of the best things about our accessible world is how annoyingly simple it can all be.




travel escape



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