ESPANA! ESPANA! Roadtrip - Malaga to Granada



You certainly have to be on a flight from the UK to Spain - full of Britishers to realize how they crave for the sun! (Including me....One of my friends rightly quoted: 'I doubt you'll ever wear shorts in Britain, you go 'Woolen coats - Trench Coats - Cardigans - Mackintosh - Woolen coats', no space for shorts!')


A weekend fiesta was in full swing on the flight, once it took off, with the alcohol flowing away, lots of small talk ...which kept on increasing in volume as Malaga approached. (Some of them may have been Spaniards - super happy to return to the land of the sun!)


You tend to notice the superficial stuff from above(which mind you, is a world apart from compact Leeds) - large deep blue swimming pools, apartment blocks AND the glorious glorious sun, lighting every rooftop.There are endless mountain ranges...dotted with Olive trees obediently in neat rows, as far as eyes can see, with specks of pristine white windmills, so its hard to notice the humble pools.


Most astounding, was the Río Guadalmedina (my trusted friend Google informed me) with the reservoir Limonero (literally meaning a 'lemon') which snaked its way through Malaga....Sunshine made them sparkle, wholly like liquid gold(You have to check my Instagram pic to believe it!)

 Being impatient, I just couldn't  wait to pitter-patter my way out of the airport. 

Wasn't I glad to wear the skimpiest of clothes and soak in the sun at 10 pm!


After hopping on the bus bound to the city center,we realized the Airbnb apartment in which we planned to put up, was a short walk heaving our bags we zigzagged our way not realizing we were actually having a night tour of the city (albeit with the luggage tugging along). We passed right through the city center through the main street Calle Marqués de Larios...with a host of eateries still wide open....people thronging, making it look like a mini open air concert zone....I got myself a chapata, to later realize it definitely was not a chapati!

[gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="52432,52431" orderby="rand"] It was definitely another of the mini highs, to see a huge table fan in the room(I of all people would have never imagined being happy to see a fan of all things), maybe 1 of the things that happen when you start living in the UK.

After a peaceful night, it was time to get up and about in Malaga!

 spain granada malaga bus information blog beach travel A good hearty breakfast fast later of Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Omelette) and coffee, we had some 'We are finally in Spain' and 'Why do we not live here?' moments on the beach.After a few quick pics later we were off to Granada, woohoooo! 

Although not literally a road-trip (we got into one of the buses) we were still glad because we considered ourselves lucky to be having one - without the need to drive a vehicle.


And we're back to my obsession of the Andalusian countryside....golden fields of hay, profusion of olive trees, haystacks and the mountains again, with a sprinkling of cool air, to add to the experience :)

 spain granada malaga bus information blog beach travelspain granada malaga bus information blog beach travel Getting ourselves to the Albayzín(to get to our Airbnb), proved to be a task. The location was not correctly marked by Google! Nevertheless the site was remarkable, once we did reach our destination - and the CAVE HOUSE was just like in the pictures - yes a CAVE HOUSE - cherry on the top! spain granada malaga bus information blog cave house travelspain granada malaga bus information blog beach travel 

Although the Albayzin is not entirely remote, it definitely is not a cake walk to get to it by taxi, walking uphill can be a task too!After a quick lunch we were finally all set to step foot in the Alhambra........





  • If you check out after 9 pm in Malaga, do note that the last public bus to Granada (and maybe even Marbella) leaves at 9/9.30 pm, so your best bet is to camp in the city for the night. Do check out Tere And Al's place, it definitely was super cosy and comfortable and the pictures on AirBnB are exact replicas
  • There are local transfers to the city center which take apprx. 40 mins to get to the city center, cheaper than hiring a taxi. No advance booking required
  • Buses to Granada leave every 30-40 mins from the Malaga bus station(Estacion de Autobuses de Malaga), the most convenient means to get to Granada within 2 hours. You do not need to purchase tickets in advance




Wondering on activities to take up, once in Granada? Don't miss out on the Alhambra! 

Which has been your most memorable road-trip? I'd love to hear in the comments below!


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