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 parlament hotel budapest centreparlament hotel budapest centre parlament hotel budapest centreparlament hotel budapest centreparlament hotel budapest centreparlament hotel budapest centreparlament hotel budapest centreparlament hotel budapest centreparlament hotel budapest centreparlament hotel budapest centreparlament hotel budapest centreparlament hotel budapest centreparlament hotel budapest centreparlament hotel budapest centreparlament hotel budapest centreparlament hotel budapest centre  Budapest is full of sights and they make sure they present them it in the most grandiose way possible. It's easy to be swept off one's feet while admiring the splendour of The Parlament; The Buda Castle and Fisherman's bastion, perched atop the hill as they light up come night. When we landed in Budapest in the evening, the sky had hues of pink, purple and orange and I was keen to drop off my luggage, get rid of my jacket and head to the banks of the Danube to enjoy the sunset. The shared Minibud from the airport took a longer route than necessary and I was concerned it would be dark by the time we got to Hotel Parlament. Once we got to Hotel Parlament, the staff welcomed us and on being told about the rush, briskly informed us of the best route to get to the bank. Even with the few minutes it took for us to check-in, I couldn't help but notice the use of quirky coloured chairs to accentuate the space. We dropped our luggage in the room and headed off immediately to enjoy the view, by the river. The walk didn't take more than 10 minutes. On coming back to the room, I noticed the high ceilings and the large windows. The bed was huge and the room itself was super spacious. The bathroom was squeaky clean and was massive too. Colorful accents were present here as well and made the room feel cheerful. 'The rooftops of Budapest' could be viewed from the window for miles. Realising I still had some time to spare before I called it a day, I headed to the cosy jacuzzi and sauna located on the ground floor to relax. Lounge chairs were placed by the side and so were towels and accessories. It was all part of the price! I settled down for a little while and relaxed before heading back to the room. Being centrally located did not make the hotel 'noisy'. It was tucked away in a quiet corner and I headed to bed, eager to visit St.Stephen's Cathedral and the city square the next day which were equally close too. The breakfast which is included in the price no matter what room you chose, was lavish. Hungarian meats, cheeses, salmon and fruit were ready from as early as 6.30 am. After ensuring I had my fill, I proceeded to wait in the lounge and helped myself to some water, freshly brewed coffee from the fancy machine placed in the corner and some snacks which were available for free till 5 every day. Realising I'd forgotten to take a print for my upcoming food tour, I made use of the Internet corner and printed passes for the same, again for free. I couldn't wait to taste local Hungarian delicacies like Goulash and Langos. Once full, I spent a quiet noon at the Gellert spa which was definitely good value for money. After hopping around most of the attractions, I did note that no matter where I needed to go, I wasn't too far from the hotel in case I quickly needed to collect something. When on an extended weekend city-break, especially if it's your first visit, accessibility is of prime importance and Hotel Parlament sure sits at one of the most acclaimed spots.    

Hotel Parlament // H-1054 Kálmán Imre utca 19// Budapest, Hungary// WebsiteTel: +36 1 374-6000E-mail: reservation@parlament-hotel.hu

Pictures // Ajay Hasabnis/Lavina 




parlament hotel budapest centre



Hotel Parlament Budapest


  • Hotel Parlament is literally located at a 8-10 minute walk from the major sights like the Parlament in Budapest, The Shoes by the Danube and St.Stephens Cathedral
  • The customer service is exceptional
  • The internet station is free and can be made use of anytime
  • There's also free WiFi for guests to make use of
  • It's also definitely a good space for business meetings
  • In addition to the Jacuzzi there's also a sauna in the hotel which is complementary
  • It can be got to easily by making use of the public transport system too
  • There are restaurants located within walking distance
  • It's a great location if you're looking to explore the Jewish quarter too!



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We were guests of Hotel Parlament, Budapest, however, all opinions are as always, our own.


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