Splurge! Exotic,offbeat holiday destinations to visit(once) in a lifetime!


offbeat holiday destinations

We're all now chanting the mantra 'Live in the moment' and what better way to do that - than invest it in travel?

Not all of us can embark on a world trip. We do the best we can and sometimes push ourselves to break the boundaries to make memories that will last a lifetime. Memories which should be totally worth every penny that you've accumulated over the years!

Ditch Thailand or Indonesia...and even Dubai......for some incredible destinations...for that 1 trip of a lifetime!

With everyone jumping on the bandwagon to go on backpacking trips, or to offbeat destinations...here's providing some fuel to that itch of wanderlust.


Africa would never fail to amaze you! There's something about dense rain-forests, tribal rituals and awe inspiring customs that make Lara Croft movies seem utterly believable! An untapped horde of adventure - containing the highest sand dune on earth, the biggest meteor on earth and the world's largest underground lake!  You will find free roaming rhinos and 'Desert Elephants' which have adapted to the barren terrain here.

Why not try sand-boarding while you're there?

1 stop reference: Namibia Tourism

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The animated movie may have introduced you to Madagascar, but it is far from the truth. It is definitely not a jungle and no lions or zebras inhabit Madagascar!Home to the most unique species of plants and animals - found nowhere else on Earth, (Did Australia claim to be the only country?) it is also a Ecologist's delight.It would be a fortune to get there, but once you are there - did you know you could survive on less than $2 a day? That's what 90% of Madagascan people survive on!Have some vanilla and go off on a lemur safari while you're there!1 stop reference: Madagascar Tourism


Doesn't everyone want to zip off to Hawaii once in their lifetime? But the Caribbean has so much more to offer!  Hop on a cruise from Fort Lauderdale, and experience the variety each of these islands have on offer!

Offer some treats to the pink flamingos on Flamingo beach in Aruba and take some selfies! Flamingos not your cup of tea?

Head of to Staniel Cay to swim with the cleanest pigs you'll ever find! :)

Go hunting for a shipwreck Jack Sparrow style!

1 stop reference: Caribbean Travel

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Svalbard, Norway

The Scandinavian region, the most expensive region is Europe is the top pick for a freezing once-in-a-lifetime Northern lights trip. Although most of the regions are quite accessible, Svalbard is not! Hunt for the elusive polar bear or watch the skies for a bird lover's treat!

Still not convinced? Try catching a whale in it's natural habitat...you will not be disappointed. Or maybe pose next to a glacier and wonder what was the size of the glacier that caused Titanic to drown!

Svalbard will definitely provide you with a plethora of natural and historical extravaganzas.

1 stop reference: Visit Norway

Easter Island, Chile

Live the solitary life on an island only 164 square kilometres big somewhere in the middle of the vast sea. Recently in the news because of a major excavation that unearthed the bodies of the Easter island moai, this remote island is full of mystery and archaeological sites.  Wander around and give yourself a pat on the back as an explorer as you uncover ancient nomadic puzzles. It can't get more remote than this!1 stop reference: Easter Island Tourism

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Yuanyang, China

Although part of the country with the biggest population, the old town of Yuanyang is remote to get to. An exemplary hike across rice terraces sculpted with bare hands thousands of years ago, reflecting the shimmering sun in different hues, is on offer if you do!

If you have a fascination for Chinese customs, it can't get more ideal than Yuanyang. Home to some of the oldest ethnic groups in China including the Hani and Yi, be prepared for a culturally rewarding journey, with 'mushroom houses' dotting the countryside and locals prepared for impromptu Mahjong games.

Yuanyang including its neighbors - Xidi and Lijiang are UNESCO World heritage sites, and are exemplary!

1 stop reference: China Tourism

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France's glitzy neighbor, Monaco hosts the prestigious Grand Prix through its streets once every year.If that isn't sufficient to prove that Monaco is glamorous, throw in a generous heap of yachts dotting the shoreline, opera houses and the world famous casino of Monte Carlo and you have a complete chic package all within 2 square kilometers.You probably could rub shoulders with the King himself as Monaco is still a constitutional monarchy/principality ruled by a descendant of the Grimaldi family!Does that peak your interest for a taste of the royal life?1 stop reference: Visit Monaco

Solomon Islands

An archipelago of almost 1000 islands sits on the other side of the globe containing the world's largest salt water lagoon - the Morovo lagoon located at New Georgia.

Need an eerie twist to your holiday: Why not head over to Skull Island? Skull island contains skull shrines  - of vanquished enemies from bygone headhunting days. Skulls of prominent chiefs are placed in separate carved caskets. You have to be accompanied by the village chief to visit!

Headhunting apparently ended (if at all) only about 40 years ago!

If that is not to your liking, try inquiring about conservation projects that happen throughout the year at the Arnavon Islands to protect the endangered Hawksbill turtles.

Or kick back and relax - go island hopping or wreck diving at Uepi!

1 stop reference: Visit Solomon Islands


If you think what possibly could Botswana have on offer that South Africa does not - think again!Botswana is redefining luxurious safaris, bush walks and game drives. Stare at Meerkats - who stare back at you, in the Makgadikgadi Pans,  a vast expanse of glistening white salt in the Kalahari.  Or watch while a herd of elephants peacefully drink water from the Chobe river without anyone to monitor them. There's ample of cheetahs and one of the densest population of lions in Africa to spot too!Immerse yourself in nature while you stargaze at the galaxy in a secluded corner of the universe!1 stop reference: Botswana Tourism

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Galapagos Islands

Islands are the top pick for getting away from the worries of the world. Gigantic turtles reaching weights of 450 kilograms are not the only attraction beckoning you to the Galapagos islands. There is an abundance of flora and fauna with species like Frigatebirds and albatrosses. Volcanic lava tubes through which you can actually walk is an eerie yet amazing experience!If the great bole hole in Belize is currently not on your radar, a visit to Santa Cruz island should fulfill your desire to have a look at the marvel called sink holes.The sea lions, tiny penguins, pink flamingos and iguana's should keep you busy for the rest of your holiday!1 stop reference: Travel Ecuador 

Do you already have a piggy bank tucked away somewhere for that forethought journey you've been  dreaming about - or has a destination on this list persuaded you to venture away to the beautiful unknown?

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I may not have been to Namibia or Madagascar yet - but I have been to Morocco! Check out my articles here!


Has this list caused you to make an addition to your bucket list? :) Tell me in the comments below!



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