Reminiscing about home


Today, as I look out of my office window, its grey, dull, chilly, crisp and foggy. Typical of a beautiful (yes, that's right) beautiful wintry day back home, albeit in peak winter.

Some early childhood memories I have, are of my uncle waking me up during Xmas vacations, to gear up for the mini trek to the tiny, quaint hill nearby. Me and my darling German Shepherd 'Sandy' created a ruckus at 6 am. Him just excited with the prospect of going for a walk and me trying to move out of the house before sunrise.  The hill,  lined with tonnes of adorable Moringa and Gulmohar trees, dotted with hues of yellow and red, provided amazing views of the entire city.

During the latter years, early mornings comprised of steaming hot cuppas of 'Cutting Chai' (mini cups of tea) with friends. We could concoct it in peace at home, with all the necessary trimmings of lemongrass, ginger and spice mix -But we still preferred to have it nonetheless, at a 'tapri' (a roadside stall specializing in tea/coffee and biscuits), 6-10 kms away,  to catch up on the gossip of the previous day.

As I grew older and became eligible for pocket-money, winter mornings constituted of trying to cram a cup of coffee in Cafe Coffee Day 'CCD' before classes commenced. I ended up in the same spot 4-5 hours later sharing the same cup of coffee with an extra couple of friends thrown in, who had also 'bunked' classes (more likely  been dismissed!).

Mornings currently consist of the gremlin look and fidgeting with the phone for 20 mins, constantly trying to awake the brain. It also consists of wholeheartedly praying, that I do not miss the bus and get to office in time.

They say 'Home is where the heart is' and I have mine divided. I'm social, talkative and friendly : some of the qualities that help you fit in as an expat.

But its mornings like these that my heart wanders back home.


What do your mornings look like currently?


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