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10 years ago, I was at the Tatry mountains in Poland and a thick rope was the only thing separating me from entering The Czech Republic. At that time, Poland was not in the Schengen zone and I did not have a visa to enter Czech Republic. I'm not even sure if Czech Republic was part of the Schengen zone then.


I did step a foot inside the line for a few seconds and was pleased as punch, because then I'd been to 3 countries. Poland, Czech Republic and Italy! [Since the flight had a stopover in Milan]


Thankfully over the years, I got over my naivety and no longer claim I've been to a country if I have no stories to tell about the place.


But yes, I did go to Liechtenstein.

 liechtenstein things to doliechtenstein things to do 

The day started in Switzerland and we started our drive from the base of the Alps [more on that soon in another article]. After fidgeting around with a navigator that spoke German, losing our way, driving through Austria, we finally ended in Liechtenstein.

It pretty much looked like Switzerland.


Nevertheless, we had decided to dedicate an entire day to exploring this country and started off at Vaduz Castle.

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The Castle sat perched at the top of the hill. We parked a few blocks away and started to walk. I think we could see the whole of Liechtenstein from the top of that hill. When we walked up to the entrance, we were surprised when we were told, it isn't open to visitors!


Determined to find something to do in Liechtenstein, we drove off to get some lunch. But we were in for more surprises.


Like Sundays a lot of stores and restaurants  are shut on Tuesdays and the only open 'restaurant' we found was Subway.

 liechtenstein things to do After filling our tummies, we then decided to head off to the Hofkellerei — the Prince’s personal vineyards. You could stroll through the vineyards and have some tastings out of the Prince's own cellar! The vineyards in Vaduz seemed lovely as we passed by them a couple of times. That's how small Liechtenstein is. 

I was looking forward to some wine tasting and eating at the restaurant Torkel with a view of the vineyards and the Alps across the Rhine, but fiddling on a non-mobile friendly website, to book tickets, seemed futile. So, that didn't happen either.


We'd also passed a massive art museum a couple of times - the Kunstmuseum. It clearly advertised that it was a 'unique' experience, the only spooky one in the country.  But after facing misadventures throughout the day I did not want to end it on a terrifying note. So we didn't visit that either.


liechtenstein things to do


Some of the other things to do were getting a passport stamp at the Liechtenstein Center, which I skipped because I was short on pages. By the time I'd weighed all my options, the National museum was shut.


Note to self: Should still visit even if I feel frightened the next time.


It had then started raining heavily and my plans to hike or walk into Austria or Switzerland got washed away.


We headed to our B&B to realise it was shut. I had made reservations in advance, but there was no one to welcome us! Nobody picked up the phone or replied to my mails either. So after waiting for an hour, we drove back to Germany! [They had messed up and got the dates wrong]


liechtenstein things to do


So that was how I spent my day in Liechtenstein, doing nothing.


Maybe If I'd visited Liechtenstein before Switzerland, I'd be spellbound. Maybe I'd have a different story to tell, if I had a guide with me or had visited through a day tour from Austria or Switzerland. I'm sure the country has it's share of history and interesting facts. I just happened to visit it at the wrong time, as Malbun has ski resorts and good ski slopes and they work out cheaper than some in Switzerland.


Although I didn't bump into the Prince [Liechtenstein is a principality] or taste any wine, the country is definitely worth a visit.


But it was an excellent day, as it's not everyday you get to have breakfast in Germany, lunch in Liechtenstein drive through Austria and call it a day in Germany!



liechtenstein things to do 

Top things to do in Liechtenstein!


  • I'd definitely recommend visiting the vineyards. However make sure you call or mail beforehand to inquire about booking tickets in advance from here
  • The Kunstmuseum is a great option to spend a few hours if things do not creep you easily and if it's a rainy day! Additional details here
  • If you're planning on covering all that Liechtenstein has to offer, try the Adventure pass. It's got a lot of freebies and discounts and the stamp comes for free!
  • Liechtenstein is a good choice for a stopover for a couple of hours if you're driving through the southern region of Germany and crossing over to Switzerland or Austria.
  • Hiking is another activity you could take up in Malbun or Vaduz. It's not everywhere you can view 3 countries from a single viewpoint!
  • The Liechtenstein Center is your to-go stop for any additional queries you may have!
  • There are many options for lodging available, both cheap and expensive. However, many visitors prefer staying in Switzerland or Germany.



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liechtenstein things to do

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