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And yet again I was late!

Although it is heavenly staying in the Albayzín, it isn't a piece of cake booking a cab to pick you up there!Google yet again proved to be a savior. And with about 20 mins to spare, my best bet as Google advised, was to sprint to Play Granada.Yes, I was finally going to take a Segway ride across the Sacromonte region of Granada.

When I did plan the day out a couple of weeks ago, AJ could not believe his ears when I mentioned, we were not gonna be exploring around the whole day, but I had something exciting lined up, that did not involve strolling around in the scorching heat. After leaping downhill, through he narrow cobbled alleyways of the Albayzín(the best manner to get acquainted with the pretty houses and their backyards) we finally geared up for our mini ride. 

granada tourist attractions   granada tourist attractions

granada tourist attractionsgranada tourist attractionsWe had been ranting just the previous day of how we miss darting on our bikes (bikes here being motor-bikes), the most convenient mode of transportation back home. I was elated when we could zip around on the segway, which was not 'technically' a motor-bike but was nevertheless a superb green alternative.

And around the Sacromonte we went, Laura(of Play Granada) almost ended giving us a private segway tour - she was super scared that I was gonna tumble down due to insufficient training time (Oops!)


The Sacromonte is an amazing setting with white-washed houses, the Alhambra on one end and the Albayzín on the other. A major part of the locality is apparently built over catacombs as Laura informed (not a good feeling imagining that!)granada tourist attractions


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granada tourist attractions

granada tourist attractionsgranada tourist attractions

It was indeed a very picturesque ride around the gypsy quarters. A little bit of walking, a stopover for pictures and trivia and it was soon over (albeit it was for a whole 2 hours), but we were now looking forward to the next event lined up for the evening....unwinding in the HAMMAM!

And Hammam Al Ándalus it was on our radar.We had been craving since ages to get ourselves to a spa(we are spa junkies!) but we cannot lavishly bestow spa sessions upon ourselves, as often as we would wish!Having never been to a Hammam before, we went in for the unabridged version, to get a complete experience of the place. Before the massage, while we were being vigorously scrubbed, all I could think of was 'Wow! the people who invented this concept must have gone all out to ensure they felt completely pampered!' (So much for shutting down and relaxing :P)

granada tourist attractionsgranada tourist attractions

After hopping between the cool-warm-hot-warm-cool pools (you get the picture), we got out 2 hours later completely de-stressed and invigorated. Totally worth every penny spent!

It was a day to cherish, and slowly let the feeling of a vacation finally sink in.

granada tourist attractionsGranada proved me wrong in many ways, guaranteeing I had the best Andalusian experience ever....a generous helping of every thing I had imagined it would provide, and more.

Adios Granada...I now had to check Seville for myself!

Granada tourist attractions
  • Ensure you reserve a place for yourself at the Hammam Al Andalus, they do have branches in Malaga, Cordoba and Madrid as well, it is a semi-expensive experience, but worth it
  • Other than the Segway tours, Play Granada  has some other amazing tours as well, such as the Electric Bike and the night adventure tours
  • If you're looking for another popular destination in Andalusia, The Costa De Almeria is a good choice. Here's more details for you to plan!



Did you check out the star of Granada? The Alhambra


Are you the adventurous type? Do you take time out while traveling to pencil an activity in?


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