Ensuring the safety of your gadgets while traveling



Traveling on a work trip or even otherwise is considered to be fun for most persons. Having said that, the important gadgets one needs these days to keep track of their work information require a lot of attention. Nearly everybody makes use of a laptop or a mobile device at some point of time during the day especially when heading out of town. It is during these periods, whether you are online or just playing games offline, that your valuable data is at risk. It is therefore advisable to take certain safety measures to keep your data and other gadgets isecure by taking these simple precautions and enjoy a stress-free trip.


Avoid using random WiFi networks


One cannot do without a good and fast internet connection nowadays when on the move. It is imperative that you would need to go online, at some time or the other, for various reasons. Most of the public places offer WiFi facilities, but using them can expose you to cyberattacks as these can gain access to your personal data. It is best to buy a USB WiFi adapter beforehand which will keep your data safe and secure always. In case you plan to use the hotel internet, ask about the security measures put in place to safeguard the guests information.


Keep the location information on 'off' mode


Sharing the information of your location, unless you are in need of navigation, can alert potential about your whereabouts. In addition, avoid posting photos and social media data while on a vacation. It is better to return home and then share the details of the trip.



Make use of mobile security


Consider a comprehensive mobile security plan before setting out on your journey to help protect you from malware and risky email links. Mobile security like McAfee, can help trace a lost phone and even take a photo of the culprit. It shuts down your important apps so no can access them in case the appliance does get stolen.


Gadget safety


It is practically impossible to carry on with our day to day lives without toting our devices as they contain our contacts, bank information and other essentials. The vital rule of the thumb should be never to let them out of your sight in public. Activate screen locks and mobile security and keep them tucked away. Never loan your device to a stranger as it could be part of a scam. Most importantly, backup all your data before you leave, in case you lose your device. In this way, no matter what, you can always access it later.


Keeping all your gadgets travel-ready is of paramount importance prior to commencing your trip. Without your knowledge you may get exposed to new perils, once you are out of the safety of your home based network. Crooks and spammers are waiting round the corner in every part of the world to get hold of your private information. The safety measures given above will go a long way in ensuring that you travel safe and secure with all the technology on you.


As a travel blogger, safe guarding my digital legacy is also utmost important. This is often overlooked and SunLife has some great ideas on how to do this.



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