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The movie by the same name, is a family favorite. The idea to be stranded on an island with your loved ones, no tech and the blue blue sea stretching for infinity. No worries to follow you there. You strive for yourself only as much as you 'need' not 'want'!

I for one wanted a 'Country' that I could explore in a couple of days...high expectations I agree...but I was sure there was one out there. I'm all for the motto - 'The best in a budget' and what better way to do that than enjoy a whole country in 4 days or so?

After a lot of scrutiny and the mandatory requirement of a beach, we settled on Malta - the fact that it was a 'Game of Thrones' location added brownie points to the place. [Oh, the superficial things in life....that make it so interesting! :)]

One of the most convenient methods to drop in by to Comino Bay - the Blue Lagoon is to sign up for a day trip, inclusive of lunch, transportation and the best part - Unlimited Beer.

After being collected from the assembly point and taken to the Cirkewwa ferry terminal, we were all off to Mgarr Harbour, Gozo. You could do a Gozo-Comino tour as well in the same day, but it wouldn't do the lagoon justice!

It was marvelous to laze around in shorts on the ferry and have the  sea breeze mess your hair! After docking and having a hearty lunch, we were off to find a spot to laze. I was super elated to be stepping onto 'that bay of awesomeness' which we had pinpointed from the plane minutes before landing.Being April, the water was still chilly and there were a few tiny fishes around, but that did not deter us from getting a couple of hours of fun, in the crystal clear deep blue sea.

comino island malta gozocomino island malta gozocomino island malta gozo

We spent a while racking our brains to get over to the mini island opposite to the one we were on, which was secluded and had a huge expanse of sandy beach. We realized, later that the only way to get there was to settle our belongings over our head and wade through the water. The water wasn't too deep, but I would certainly drown halfway! I'm pretty short! :)  So that idea was put aside and I continued dodging the fishes .....

There were moments with some folk diving off the cliff on the opposite end which was superb to watch and the intermittent luxurious yacht's playing peek-a-boo from between the random rocks upfront was lovely too.

comino island malta gozo

The April sun wasn't too benevolent in warming the water up to a pleasant temperature, so after a few moments I was off to get myself to a natural niche in a rock, and take delight in indulging in some 'selfies' without the occasional banter.I also rewarded myself with some peaceful contemplation and long gazes into the endless ocean.....I have to admit, the sea does make me go all happy and reflective at the same time.

Thoroughly tired,we were heading back to settle on a rocky beach by Saint Paul's Bay and make optimum use of the day.

Yes, Comino is touristy and even in May, which is not peak season, there were people around. But it is definitely worth a visit. And why skip, if it's an aqua paradise?

comino island malta gozocomino island malta gozo

Comino Island  Malta day trip
  • A lot of local operators do organize trips to the blue lagoon on a daily basis, is it sufficient to make a booking a day or two in advance. Inquire at your hotel or in the surroundings. There are many operators around competing for the best price!
  • Do ensure you return back with the ferry. Ferry operators to Malta/Gozo are few and far between. The island is emptied of travelers in the evening. Other than residents at the only hotel on the island, the 'Comino Hotel'.
  • The islands may be tiny as Google informs you, but if you're planning on making use of the public transport [a day ticket for the bus costs a Euro!] bear in mind that although we were staying at St. Paul's bay, it took us an hour to get to the Cirkewwa terminal and then take the ferry onward.
  • Time to get to Gozo is apprx. 30 mins. There are separate routes for Gozo and Comino. Ferries leave every 45 mins. Refer to the timetable here if required.



The Causeway Coastal route did not have any lagoons, but was the best road trip ever! Read all about it here!


Apparently Blue Lagoons exist in other locations as well, including Italy! Were you aware? Have you been to any?


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