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 Boutique hotel wien Altstadt Boutique hotel wien AltstadtBoutique hotel wien AltstadtBoutique hotel wien AltstadtBoutique hotel wien AltstadtBoutique hotel wien AltstadtBoutique hotel wien AltstadtBoutique hotel wien AltstadtBoutique hotel wien Altstadt[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="53309,53313"]Boutique hotel wien AltstadtBoutique hotel wien Altstadt[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="53299,53308"]Boutique hotel wien AltstadtBoutique hotel wien AltstadtBoutique hotel wien AltstadtBoutique hotel wien AltstadtBoutique hotel wien Altstadt[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="53296,53294"]Boutique hotel wien AltstadtBoutique hotel wien Altstadt   The air was crisp. The architecture was a mix of Neo-Renaissance, Art Nouveau, New Baroque and Gothic styles. I couldn't help but notice the people; Some dressed stylishly hurried to work while some wore contemporary outfits and took their dog out for a walk. There was a certain 'classic' feel to the whole city; maybe it was just me, making assumptions, after all I'd read about the city or maybe it was just true. We seemed out of place, hauling our luggage on the street till we got to Hotel Altstadt. However, Hotel Altstadt fit right into that scene. Unconventional artwork was placed on the wall and a very 'Royal' red carpet was placed right in front. Tiny plants placed in test-tubes were present at every bend. There was a 'living' wall in the reception area and some 'Kusmi' tea and lemon flavoured water placed in the corner. After checking-in, we're personally taken to our rooms. The rooms are very spacious and it it's easy to notice how personalised the whole space looks. There's damask wallpaper and crystal chandeliers and there's a study table in the corner with books that talk about the art and architecture in Austria, people who contributed to it and some other local ones. What makes me smile is how soft the rug is....almost as soft as fleece! The bedroom has a full-size painting and lots of pillows. A small antique-looking speaker sits in one corner. I'm told that each elegant room is designed exclusively by renowned architects or fashion icons as per their taste, thus making it unique. No piece of furniture is the same and is completely customised depending on the room. You'd find a Grand Piano in one or a tub by the window in another. I go to get freshened up, to realise toiletries by L'Occitane and Malin+Goetz sat by the basin. After a shower, I head down to get breakfast. Breakfast is a lavish affair. Prosecco and freshly baked bread are placed just outside the dining area. A lady smiling brightly brings us an interesting concoction of carrot, ginger and apple with mint. There's smoked salmon with a sprinkling of pink peppers, cheeses and ample dry fruits. There's ham and a selection of marmalade too. All local and fresh, changing every day. Kusmi Tea and fruits are available the whole day free of charge. No wonder it's rumoured to be one of the best breakfasts in Vienna and even if you're not staying here you can always head in only to try the breakfast. Breakfast was available till 11 am which would have given me ample time to lie in, had I chosen to but I wander around for a bit before heading off to the Ringstrasse and the Museums Quarter which are within walking distance. The Red Salon has a bar with a fireplace and seems like an ideal place to unwind especially in winter. There's a couple of other salons too, again each unique and snug designed to make you feel cosy instantly. Everybody I pass by instantly flashes a warm smile or asks me if I'd like anything. It isn't difficult to feel special here. Hotel Altstadt maintains hospitality is an art and you can see how they go about implementing it. Many said Vienna would be just like any other 'big' city in Europe; what they failed to mention is when it comes to keeping it classy and chic, Vienna is like no other and The Altstadt, Vienna is one such perfect example.    

Boutique Hotel Altstadt  // Kirchengasse 41, 1070 Wien// Vienna, Austria // WebsiteTel: +43 1 522 66 66E-mail: hotel@altstadt.at

Pictures // Ajay Hasabnis/Lavina 




Boutique hotel wien Altstadt



Boutique hotel in Wien, Hotel Altstadt


  • Hotel Altstadt is centrally located about 8 minutes away from the Museums Quarter
  • In addition to the amenities mentioned above, there's also a Nespresso machine provided in every room
  • Restaurants are located in the vicinity and so are a lot of boutiques. There are quirky shops around and very good deals to be found!
  • Hotel Altstadt puts a lot of emphasis on local products so you are bound to find the best local food items here!
  • They have the best rate on their website, with a minibar drink for free, discount at the Altstadt Shop and bigger choice of room categories to pick from. So ensure you book directly!



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We were guests of Boutique Hotel Altstadt, Vienna, however, all opinions are as always, our own.


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