Babylon Dades: Morocco-Fantastic hotel in the Dades Valley!


Babylon Dades

When you travel to a country where the currency is weaker than the currency you earn in, it's very tempting to splurge!

Accommodation in Morocco is definitely cheaper in comparison to UK and we knew we would be spending the money we saved, in the Hammam's!

I was looking for a comfortable place to stay in the Dades Valley on our road trip to the East of Morocco. When I realized my initial choice was no longer available, I started looking into options that had the same facilities.

It doesn't help, when you're in a rush to book accommodation during peak season, and the pictures available on the internet, don't paint a pretty picture. However, the reviews on TripAdvisor put my mind at ease and I decided to go ahead with Babylon Dades. The options are limited in Boumalne Dades, which is the main reason for non-availability.

First Impressions

We were greeted by the staff at Babylon Dades and instantly given Mint tea and warm roasted peanuts! In December anything remotely warm is so welcoming! Our luggage was taken to our room while we exchanged pleasantries with the staff. They politely inquired about our day on the road and promptly led us to our room, when we finally got tired of nibbling on peanuts :P

The walk to the room itself was very calming! You might think I'm spicing things up a bit, but that is the truth! Tiny Moroccan lamps were placed in the corridors and they emitted a warm glow.

Babylon Dades

On stepping inside the room, I can declare for sure that we had one of the best rooms at Babylon Dades!

Distinct Decor

Luxurious is not how I would define Babylon Dades, but it is definitely comfortable and cosy. The room is full of amazing small details.

Basins were placed on both the sides of the bed and were full of mini dried roses. The perfume they emitted was heavenly!

Babylon Dades

Berber rugs were placed at regular intervals and eliminated the need for a carpet. The room had an old-world charm and huge Moroccan lamps were present in the room as well. The room had an air-conditioner and was adequately warm. Traditional blankets were provided and they were very snug! 2 additional single beds was also available and the room was massive and could easily fit another 4 people in the least!

Babylon Dades

The bathroom as not extensive but was traditional and clean.

After getting refreshed, we headed off for dinner.

Not just a meal....

The restaurant on the second floor was all set and ready when we arrived. A fire was burning in the fireplace and although there was heating available in the room, it made the room all the more homey.

We had opted for an all inclusive deal, which included an appetizer, the main course and a dessert. The service was prompt, food tasty and the accompaniments were buffet-style.

If you have any meal preferences, the staff are more than happy to oblige.

After devouring our meal, as it had been a long day, we headed to our rooms - only to return minutes later!

That's because the staff double up as musicians after everyone has completed dinner! The indigenous tunes that they played! Amazing!

Babylon Dades

I wish I had a video I could upload, I'm sure the music would have you swaying in a jiffy!

You're even invited to try your hands on the drums! After about 45 minutes or so, the evening came to an end and we finally headed to our rooms again!


Most of the rooms have an attached terrace which overlooks the valley. It was a very peaceful feeling listening to the sounds of flowing water, after getting up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Babylon Dades

The breakfast was amazing and there were Moroccan pancakes on offer!

Once we had our full, it was finally time to head off to Marrakech...the hospitality of the staff and the personalized service was exemplary!

Babylon Dades

Some Con's...

Truth be told, I am only listing these as I wanted to ensure I put in an honest review and did not sugar-coat it.

If I had to point out some snags, it would be as follows:

- The power does fluctuate at the hotel but it did not cause a nuisance neither did it cause a decrease in comfort

- Would be lovely if a pair of slippers was provided, but it is an adorable place and many rugs are provided.

So that makes my suggestion trivial!

Many travelers choose this hotel to rest while returning from the desert. It is a great location and it wouldn't be a bad idea to stay on longer!

Highly recommended!

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Babylon Dades
  • Reservations can be made here
  • There are restaurants in the vicinity although the food at Babylon Dades is excellent!
  • They also have a wine selection
  • Hotel Babylon Dades is located a short drive away from the famous winding road in the Dades valley
  • The location is great and is safe
  • Basic amenities are provided by the hotel, however do carry toothpaste, slippers
  • Water is complementary



The Babylon Dades is where we put up, on our road-trip through Morocco! Have you read about it?


Have you been to Morocco? Which was your favorite hotel in Morocco?


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