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abbeydene house belfast bed and breakfast

Have you met someone whose smile reaches right up to their eyes and makes you feel instantly welcome?

Tim does that to you!

Add to the fact, that after searching like a lunatic for a place to stay that fits your 'insane' criteria, you do end up finding one and it's exactly the way you wanted: Does make you all warm and fuzzy on the inside!

abbeydene house belfast bed and breakfast

I usually do not put off accommodation reservations right till the last minute. But you can imagine my plight when every 'perfect' option I found was inaccessible by public transport. [this since we were not driving ourselves].

I finally settled on a really comfy B & B, on the outskirts of Belfast.

Here's what I wanted if I could not have my country cottage stay: home cooked breakfasts, amazing hosts and anything by the sea - with proximity to the city!

I got exactly that and much more!

Abbeydene house is run by Tim and Ethy : a lovely couple with a taste for everything classic. [You'll understand what I mean when you step in to the dining room].

abbeydene house belfast bed and breakfast

The Victorian Mansion overlooks the Belfast Lough and has quite some history attached to it as well. It's right at the very start of the Causeway Coastal Route and is hardly 10 minutes away from Belfast city center.

We stayed in the Eisenhower room and could view ALL the ships and ferries that came to dock at Belfast. It would have been peaceful to do nothing but to stare outside the window and watch the sea and the ships!

abbeydene house belfast bed and breakfastabbeydene house belfast bed and breakfast

abbeydene house belfast bed and breakfast

abbeydene house belfast bed and breakfast

The rooms have minute add-on's that make you go cheerful like a baby: heated mattress toppers! Now that's the way to snuggle up in bed on a cold winter's night!

Tim has put a meticulous list of all the DVD's he currently is in possession of and you are free to pick any to view in your room!

And it is quite a collection! More than 2000 titles! Phew!

Tim and Ethy also ensure their guests are truly cared for! They have almost everything available in the room at no extra cost!That includes disposable toothbrushes, makeup-wipes, and all the toiletries you could possible need!

abbeydene house belfast bed and breakfast

abbeydene house belfast bed and breakfast

Tim looks after the food department while Ethy is in charge of the rooms. And what a feast Tim whips up every morning! I wouldn't be wrong to state that a hearty breakfast at Abbeydene would make you want to skip lunch!

Every morning there's a luscious spread that Tim whips up constantly whistling while working :) It does put a smile on your face just to hear him do that!

The spread includes traditional Irish delicacies like: Farl, Boxty, Soda bread : in short the complete Ulster Fry.

Stepping into the dining room is an experience by itself! I'm pretty sure you won't be able to stop yourself from wandering around and admiring the amazing set of souvenirs and collectibles that are placed in the dining room.

abbeydene house belfast bed and breakfastabbeydene house belfast bed and breakfast

In case all you want to do is enjoy a walk by the sea and savor a feel of the countryside, all you need to do is take a 5 minute detour and you find yourself on a charming route that takes you all the way up to Whiteabbey or Belfast in the opposite direction.

abbeydene house belfast bed and breakfastabbeydene house belfast bed and breakfast

Abbeydene house has excellent connectivity via public transport to almost all of the places that you might want to visit. Tim gives you excellent suggestions in case you're completely lost on what to do :)

He also tells you bits and pieces about recent Game of Thrones activity in the area as Abbeydene house is quite a hit with the cast and crew! Although you might not bump into any as they usually have a late night and sleep during the day!

Sometimes just having friendly hosts who are caring and constantly have a genuine smile on their face, assures you, you're going to have an excellent vacation and it'll be all-right even if the weather plays spoilsport!

The Irish are some of the most heart-warming, affectionate and pleasant people I have come across.And Tim and Ethy are a fine example!

Abbeydene House Belfast
  • Abbeydene Manor is located apprx. 5 miles from the city center
  • It has an amazing view of Belfast lough and a lovely walk you could take 5 mins from the Manor
  • Tim whips up the most authentic traditional Irish breakfast's!
  • Abbeydene House is the perfect getaway if you're planning to stay within reach of Belfast but are looking for a 'country' feel
  • It is also the best location to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet near enough to get to Belfast quick to take up day trips from the city center
  • Get in touch with Tim/Ethy via their website to check for availability
  • Try opting for a room that faces the lough. We stayed in the Eisenhower room.
  • The cost varies as per season. The best rates are always available on the website
  • The website also has excellent suggestions for day trips and info about the vicinity
  • Bus 13 A/B/C traverses from Abbeydene to belfast cityBus 2G/263/14A/163 traverses from Belfast City center to Abbeydene House
  • It would cost you apprx. £8  if you take a taxi to the city center



Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Winterfell is near Belfast! Or maybe you’re more of a nature person? In that case Gobbins is for you!Which has been your most memorable drive till date? 

Send in your comments below..I like reading them!


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