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Caves-Ruins-Snakes & Wondrous Views

Caves-Ruins-Snakes & Wondrous Views

albayzin stay travel alhambra granada spain

The Alhambra sitting amidst Granada…paints a pretty picture, doesn’t it?

Don’t underestimate the power of a: ‘Sentence’. The line may sound cheesy, but trust me, it does make a huge impact.
While browsing through Airbnb [which I have done numerous times previously] I happened to glance across the fact that you could live in a Tree-house,Island Villa, Windmill or a Cave!
To be cheeky, I randomly selected a ‘Cave’ as my intended ‘Type of Accomodation’, and to my surprise, there were cool caves available in Granada! But it wasn’t merely a cave I was looking for, I wanted a cave, with a view of the Alhambra, located in the Albayzin…and I was hell bent on finding one!

After extensive poring over the computer, I finally did find one that had amazing pictures and looked really inviting.
When I did finally step into the cave house, I was glad to find out that the images were an exact replica [mental high five to self].

A step out of the door of my cave dwelling and I was awarded the most wondrous views of both the Alhambra and the city of Granada. Its a complete package though, its not just caves and views, but ruins as well, that you might find. A few of the cave houses are in complete dilapidation, with all the mandatory add-on’s – cacti, bushes and collapsing walls.

However Olga, the owner had done a fabulous job of maintaining the house in top condition. We took a walk around the picturesque cobbled lanes of the Albayzín, making it one of the most memorable walks ….Smelling the jasmine in the air…as we turned around the corner…A large snake slithered and crossed our path a few steps away!
So, not to put anybody off [because the Albayzin is a stunning location to stay at] but do be cautious once it gets dark, apparently jasmine does attract snakes! [I’ve always been told that since childhood]


albayzin stay travel alhambra granada spain

Whitewashed houses and cobbled streets ….and me trying to sneak in the picture! The quaint lanes of the Albaycin

albayzin stay travel alhambra granada spain

You never know what’s lurking in there!

albayzin stay travel alhambra granada spain

albayzin stay travel alhambra granada spain

Taking a  stroll down the winding stairs to the Mirador San Nicolás at dusk, to enjoy the views of the Alhambra yet again, bathed in the golden rays of the setting sun is very rewarding.

Yes, the location was wondrous but do be prepared…the Albayzín isnt easily accessible by local transport, and to top it, the location of our cave house wasn’t mapped precisely on the map!
So if you are tired and do not have the heart to trek(with luggage in tow), you have to shell out for a taxi ride.

BUT, if this is the view that you get when you step out into the balcony of your cave house OR maybe walk a couple of steps down to the Mirador, to view the majestic Alhambra * infinite times, would you bother about the locale being remote?

I did not!

albayzin stay travel alhambra granada spain


  • If you’re interested in checking out the place we stayed at, do get in touch with Olga
  • If you’re really not interested in trekking all the way down to the city, do checkout Bar Kiki San Nicolas which offers great food and features live music almost every night from the locals!




Need more ideas to wander in Granada? Don’t forget to read the article on activities in Granada.


Have you ever had an encounter with a snake? I’ve had innumerable times! More on that maybe some other day ….


albayzin stay travel alhambra granada spain


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